RAW Black Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Raw Black is the newest and thinnest, unbleached rolling paper in the world. It’s also the only brand of smoking paper that doesn’t contain any additives, which means it’s a healthier choice. And its watermark will make your burn sway to the left and right.

Pre-rolled cones

RAW Black Pre-Rolled Cones are one of the thinnest and slow burning pre-rolled cones on the market. Hand rolled and made with natural and unbleached rolling paper, Raw Black is an excellent choice for those looking to have a clean and consistent burn.

The RAW Black series is 100% unbleached and contains no additives or dyes. Its ultra-fine and ultra-thin natural paper is pressed extra fine for a slow, steady burn. Unlike other brands, the RAW Black series is water-based and contains no chemical glue.

RAW Black is available in both 1 1/4 and King Size sizes, making them ideal for sharing with friends. Designed with the highest end smoker in mind, these cones allow you to get the full terp taste. These cones are also a great value.

Thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made

RAW Black is the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper on the market. Made in Spain, this is a premium artisan paper that’s double pressed extra fine. It also has a watermark, which helps keep the paper from running.

These papers are designed to burn clean and cleanly without any ash. They also are made from natural plant fibers. A lot of companies use ammonia or chalk to get the same effect.

The best part about these papers is the natural gum that they contain. It’s derived from tree sap from the Acacia tree. The gum is harvested from the trees in the Ethiopia/Senegal region.

The company has a variety of rolling papers to choose from, including RAW Classic, Raw Organic, and Raw Black. All of these products are unbleached and contain no dyes or chlorine.

Watermark encourages the burn to sway left and right

A watermark on your roll may sound counter intuitive, but it does make for a memorable night on the town. Putting your best foot forward and showing off your new bauble to your pals in the know is the best way to ensure the next round of cocktails goes down the chute in style. Using a watermark is a rite of passage for many pros, but a little caution can go a long way. Besides, who wants to hang out with you while you have a few drinks in your hand?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of using a watermark is watching the reactions of your guests. Most of the time they will be the first to speak. While it’s not all fun and games, a couple snarky remarks and your guests will likely be the first to take the swag.


If you’re interested in rolling your own cigarettes without the use of additives, then Raw Black is the perfect choice for you. This paper is made entirely from natural plants, which means it’s not only vegan friendly, but also a completely safe alternative to conventional papers. It is also thin and extra fine, making it one of the best rolling papers around.

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a newbie, RAW Black Paper is an ideal choice. The paper is rolled and manufactured in Spain, where it is produced using only the finest organic hemp and sustainably harvested organic gum from the Acacia tree. These natural hemp paper sheets are the most thin and slow burning hemp paper on the market. They are hand-rolled, ensuring that the thinnest cone is possible.

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